Seed To Salad™  is a unique, innovative, one of a kind LIVE Organic food cultivator focused on utilizing sustainable indoor vertical farming methods to provide to most affordable, nutritiously dense delicious food from Seed To Salad™.

Our vision is a world where everyone gets their everyday food needs from their own local indoor farms that are owned and ran by the community, for the community. No more Mega Monopoly oligarch’s shipping there chemicalized food thousands of miles from where it was grown just so you can eat it and get a fraction of the nutritional density as you normally would.

Seed To Salad™ is an organic farming solution for fresh home delivered living micro-greens and other super greens. We believe in having access to clean food that’s uncontaminated by BIG agricultures pesticide & herbicide footprint as well as their daily chemical sprays. This is fundamental and critical to understanding our health and living a healthy lifestyle. For this is the reason Seed To Salad™  grows all our Microgreens indoors with state of the art technology without any chemicals or exposure to harsh farming pollutants.

Our state-of-the-art facility operates with the most advanced LED lighting in the WORLD. This system ensures we have the lowest impact on the environment and saves our business a ton of money on energy consumption. As a consolation bonus, Seed To Salad™   is truly one of the greenest indoor vertical Farmers!